Saturday, April 3, 2010

Missing Classes

A future article will discuss the importance of showing up. So what about when you miss a class? Did you talk yourself out of it? Did something come up unexpectedly? Did you talk yourself out of going?

What about when you are planning on going to class and something intrudes?

Training is precious. Anyone who has been studying for any period of time knows the general malaise that follows when you miss training.

I missed class the other night. I worked all day and was looking forward to going. I was exhausted but had already missed a class earlier in the week due to work (one thing I can't control).

When I got home, I figured I had time for a half hour power nap before I got ready for class. I arrived home to find unexpected guests. They had come by for a visit and waited for me to get home. What to do? Be rude and go, or stay?

I wanted to go. I knew I should stay. I stayed. I called J.C. (you'll be introduced to him shortly) to tell him I wasn't going. He could hear the disappointment in my voice. I asked "How am I going to get new fuel for the blog if I miss class?". He joked that maybe I should write about the depression of missing class.

I'm now rested and looking forward to my next class. I've had to make peace with the fact that life intruded unexpectedly. It happens sometimes. The lesson to take away? Make training part of your life, treat it like any other scheduled event. Treat it the same as a doctor's appointment or work. For the most part, it's time you're unavailable.

When your plans are thrown off, forgive yourself. Do some technique in your mind. Practice kata if you style contains it. Move on, re-commit yourself to training and hit the mats mentally refreshed the next time.

Life can intrude. That's ok. The martial arts are a journey. Consistency is key, not perfection.

A bit of a ramble, but we'll always have to work on balancing our training with our lives.

Food for thought.

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