Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rest in Peace Wally Jay...and thanks


"Our Great Grandmaster and Founder Professor Wally Jay, one of the last great martial artists, has passed on peacefully at 2:20 am California time in Redwood City Kaiser Hospital.  Prof Jay experienced a stroke on Tuesday May 24th  and on Saturday as per his previous wishes was removed from life support.  He survived another 12 hours and had family and friends with him.  The Jay Family extends their gratitude to those that were there to lend support and to those that had him in their prayers."

The martial arts world is mourning the loss of a great martial artist and teacher.  Wally Jay has had a major impact on martial arts the world over.  Any who have seen, or experienced the 'dance of pain', can attest to this fact.  Wally Jay was a visionary.  Few martial artists today can legitimately claim that they created or developed a new style or way of thinking and teaching. Wally Jay can and did.

I was never lucky enough to meet the man (my Sensei has on several occasions) but in many ways he and his small circle Jiu Jitsu continue to touch me on my journey.  My Jiu Jitsu style is rooted in the small circle theory.  

Any one who met the man can proudly say they met a legend.  May his unique style and gifted teaching methods survive the test of time.  His family is proudly continuing his vision, his teachings and his way of life.

All my best to the Jay family.

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