Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger down

As many of you may know already, blogger had some issues and 30 plus hours of added content was  removed as they fixed a glitch.

I've lost a post and some comments that I made.  I'll give it another day to see if they return.  Thanks to all those who've commented on new and recent posts.  I'll do my best to re post my stuff soon (as best I can remember) if blogger doesn't get it back.

Mental note - back up your blog regularly.

Train well.


  1. When you say back up your blog. Are you referring to while your writing it or is there a way to back it up after you've posted?

  2. You can make an entire back up copy of your blog at any point and save it to your hard drive. You go into Settings in Blogger and under the Basics tab, you can export your blog to your computer's hard drive or storage device. It's not in an easy read format but you could actually move all your content to another blog or merge it with another one that you control. The tutorial can give you a better idea. I'm not much of a computer guy so I've recently started saving a copy of my posts on a Word document, but that's probably unnecessary. It just makes me feel better. I hope that helped.

  3. It absolutely helped. Not the least of which is to bring the idea of saving my blogs external to blogger. I often do a lot of research into writing my blogs and I want to save the information. A lot of it, of course, is contained in the books I'm writing, and I refine the ideas as I go. But some blogs are not included in my books, including the De Jong story, and I want to keep a copy. So, thanks.

  4. Glad to be of assistance. It would be awful to lose all that material.