Sunday, October 10, 2010

Worthwhile reading and blog news

I came across a series of interesting posts at another blog recently. It's a bit of a read but well worth it.  There is a 3 part series discussing the weaknesses and strengths of different training methodologies, including the age old debate of sparring vs. kata for realistic training.  The author doesn't take sides but lays out some interesting pros and cons of each.  I found it very interesting and well thought out and researched.  Kata lacks a resisting partner while sparring has to have rules to avoid injury.

Check out the blog at

In another blog related matter, Mark's Physics of Aiki blog has disappeared.  I hope all is well with him and wish him all the best. I've removed his link from my blog as it is a dead link.  Mark, if you come back on line, please let me know and I'll put the link back.

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  1. Thanks for the complimentary comments regarding my blog(s) and your interest. I'm glad my work is having the intended reflection in being informed, authoritative, and unbiased. I couldn't agree more that my blogs are a tad lengthy for this forum. I must say I find it difficult to reduce the content quantity without compromising the information content. Maybe its just that I don't spend enough time in doing so as a famous quote once said. Hope you continue to follow the blog as there is so much authoritative information and research I've discovered which has never been applied or reference in the martial arts to date. Today's blog is on pain - a subject of intimate interest in the martial arts.