Friday, October 15, 2010

Science vs. The Force

Any reader of this blog will know that I feel very strongly that you should always challenge what you know and examine and break down your technique.  Lately I've been enjoying some interesting articles on martial arts topics from a more scientific viewpoint.  I've enjoyed that some older near 'mystical' concepts are being explained under the lens of science.

I study the psychology of combat, the effects of stress and adrenaline, the fight or flight response etc.  The science behind all these things is sound and should be considered by anyone who is a serious student of the martial arts.

This blog has always been intended to be a fluid thing.  I've always believed that keeping an open mind is crucial and have expected some of my own ideas to change or mature over time.

As I've enjoyed reading the scientific explanations for various martial phenomenon and have agreed with most, I now realize that I feel that science only tells part of the story.

I believe that some aspects of the arts, whether it be called qi, chi or internal energy, do indeed exist.  Is it possible that science will explain these things away in the future?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Over the course of my journey, I have occasionally experienced what I call 'glimpses of greatness'  These are the times when I experience those brief moments when everything seems to come together, my technique is effortless, and I just 'get it'  Sadly these moments remain fleeting, but they exist none the less.  There are times when it seems that I know what my opponent is going to do before they do.  I react smoothly and effortlessly, tossing my opponent about effortlessly and with a calm mind.  There have even been those times when it seems as if I barely even touched my opponent and he/she went flying.

I'm not sure that science can totally explain away these experiences.

I believe that there may be some things that remain mystical in the arts.  For those of you that have experienced what I'm talking about, I think you may agree.

There's lots of science behind combat and the martial arts, but there's also a lot more.  As with anything, an open mind will be your best ally.

Any related experiences or opinions would be appreciated.

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  1. science, too, should be fluid and open to new concepts such as events it cannot yet explain...