Monday, July 26, 2010

Steven Seagal is the Sh__!!!

I've always thought the Steven Seagal is the real deal.  I'm the first to admit that his movies have gotten worse and worse over the years and yes, he's gained weight and aged.  It's easy to forget that 'Above the Law' came out in 1988.

I encourage people to research Seagal.  Like him or hate him, I think you'll find that a whole bunch of people agree that he is an incredibly talented martial artist.

This has been on the Internet and YouTube for a while now, but check out this clip of Seagal training Anderson Silva from the UFC.


  1. yup. that shows a lot. liked the wrist throws. and i am impressed with spider's willingness to learn while at his high level. who was he preparing for? seagal says he is more than ready but he always is...

  2. Segal is a great fighter and an enormouse martial artist.

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  3. I agree. It's interesting that a variety of the top mixed martial artists are turning to him for instruction. Very telling.

  4. And amazing that he faces ridicule for this in the Mainstream MMA community, Guys like Bas Rutten and Joe Rogan Mocking him is Pretty lame.

  5. It is pretty lame, especially now that Seagal has a couple more MMA champions seeking him out.