Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dedication - showing up and what it takes to be a Sensei

I've talked previously about the importance of showing up for training. I've discussed the frustrations of missing classes and how the real world can often intrude in our training, be it work, injuries, or familial obligations.

Michelle had an interesting post over at Just a Thought asking readers if they've ever considered quitting the martial arts. There were some interesting comments made on her blog.

This got me to thinking of what an awesome commitment it is to be a Sensei (or Sifu or any teacher of the martial arts).

My Sensei, and many others I've known, always show up. Rain or shine, every class, they are there. Injuries, illness and fatigue are no excuses for them (save for medical emergencies).
Students can be fickle at times, showing up from time to time, but one thing they know is that the teacher will always be there. There have been occasions where no students show up at all, due to weather, vacations or any other host of reasons. The teacher still shows up. Every time.

I remind myself of this level of dedication each time I don't really feel like going to a class. Rarely have I ever heard a Sensei discuss his/her dedication or complain about the time commitment. It is no small undertaking to take the position of Sensei or teacher.

This illustrates the strength of character that our good teachers have. It also demonstrates their true dedication to their teachers, their art and their students. We should learn from their example.

We should all be thankful for the time and effort our teachers put in.

I doubt you'll ever have a class where your Sensei tries to teach you how to be dedicated to your art and your fellow students. It just won't happen.

Often the most powerful lessons taught are the ones not discussed.

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