Friday, March 1, 2013

Worthwhile reading

Readers of this blog will know the importance I put on training for the most likely type of attacks from the most likely type of attackers.

Sue posted an article entitled I'm a woman, not a small man.  I strongly recommend you read both the post and the comments.

It's an interesting commentary on what's going on in the male (traditionally) dominated world of the martial arts.

It also hits on many important parts regarding how people train, the application and modification of techniques from a variety of situations, and it also illustrates the importance of attacking realistically.  

It also touches upon an issue I think is a big problem, and that is an increasing gap between the 'art' and the 'self defense' portion of what's being taught in many martial arts schools.  

This food for thought is fueling my thoughts on my last post about teaching.  

Enjoy the post.