Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

In training and in life, I like to have a plan, a roadmap.  

Lately, both have gone off the intended course, somewhat unexpectedly.  This is a bit unsettling, but not necessarily negative.  Just different.  

It is in these times, I suspect, that much progress can be made.  Going off script can have interesting results.  

I hope to follow up with some wonderfully insightful observations in the near future, but suffice to say, things are changing in my life.  I'm a bit out of the driver's seat in many ways, so instead of obsessing over being in control, I'm going to try to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me.  I suspect there's a virtue or bit of a lesson in Budo tucked away in there somewhere...

Thanks for reading.


  1. Keep your head up and mind clear.

  2. The martial arts teach us to adapt to the situation - you never know what the opponent or life will throw your way. I echo Rick's statement and sentiment.

  3. Can't think of anything clever. But I'm with these two guys.

  4. Just keep pointing forward, the path always seems clearer ahead than behind...

  5. Wise words from all of you. Thanks.

    There is a certain freedom when you stop obsessing or trying to control the things you can't. Someone wisely said that you can't control very many things in life, only how you react and deal with them. And from experience I know that sometimes it's the unanticipated things you discover en route to what you think your goals are that end up counting the most.

    Thanks for the comments and support.

  6. my sensei used to say, at a certain level, even if you're not actively training, you will still keep improving by simply thinking about it (the techniques).

    personally i also believe that knowledge requires some time to "sink in". whenever i haven't driven a car for some months for example and i am going to drive again, i notice my skills actually got better :P

  7. Great point. Often techniques you are really struggling with become easier after a break away. Thanks.