Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knife Fight - A worthwhile read

I haven't posted on knife survival or knife fighting in a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not actively working on techniques and material.

Wim has a video on his blog and some interesting observations.  If anything, it illustrates how different an actual knife encounter can look from what we practice or see in the movies. I recommend taking a look at the video and reading the article.

See his post entitled Knife fight in Beijing.

I've chosen not to comment on how poor I felt the law enforcement response was.

This is the video posted on Wim Demeeres Blog:


  1. Remind me never to be rude to anyone in Beijing.

    Also, does it strike you as odd how non-aggressive the police were? Were that here in the States they may have shot one or both guys already.

  2. T.S.K,

    Yes, I did find it odd. I don't know enough about their training and standards to make a complete assessment, but from my perspective, the response was woefully inadequate. Their response didn't seem to take into account their own safety, or that of the onlookers, or the combatants themselves. Perhaps it was just so far out of their frame of reference that they weren't able to process what was really happening. Scary stuff all round. Thanks for the comment.