Friday, November 5, 2010


I've read a few articles by John Coles over at his Kojutsukan blog lately.  His blog delves into quite a few topics tied in to modern day martial arts study.  He comes at topics from a neutral point of view and references most of his comments with solid research.

I'm adding his blog to my list of recommended links.  Most of his topics apply to a variety of different arts.



  1. Thanks for the link and the comments. I'm glad the neutral point of view appears to be coming across. I definetly do not have an agenda to promote one martial art over another, one school over another, one way of doing things over another, nor my own teachings. In fact, my research and attempts at applying it to the teachings of other martial arts/schools has led me to question certain aspects of the methods and teachings I received. And I am attempting not to provide opinion but supportable fact. Believe me, a very time consuming and frustrating process. Hope you continue to get something out of my work.
    John Coles

  2. Your welcome. You're obviously doing your homework and I enjoy your objective analysis.