Friday, June 4, 2010

Karate Kid - The re-imagining

I've been watching some ads lately for the new Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Now, normally I don't make comment on movies that I haven't seen, but each time I see the ads, I am bothered by the following.

#1. Jaden Smith is a little too young to play the character.

#2. Jackie Chan says he is going to teach young Mr. Smith 'real Kung-fu". Kung-fu? Isn't it the Karate Kid?

I have no issue with the film being remade/re-imagined. The original was also a great film. I just feel that if you call it the Karate Kid, it's Karate that should be taught.

Given my concerns, I will likely still see the movie at some point. I am always interested in any film that positively portrays the martial arts.

Perhaps the film will change will my mind on these points.

Enjoy the film.

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